A walk through the past, part I – Potager Royal

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I’m back – this blog should be renamed “Gardentourist despite all”. Having no time to write, the past few days I kept nevertheless enjoying reading: many of you are able to use that “despite all” to compose masterpieces – no kidding. I should definitely learn to feel myself always in a garden… but. Here we are.

Welcome to the gardens of the Reggia di Venaria, a few kilometers from Turin, Italy. Last week I wrote my fresh impressions about the visit leaving photos apart: I hope Italian readers will understand that, this time, I have to be forgiven for the delay and to help my English (I couldn’t wait summer to visit it, so please don’t be frightened from grey sky and the seeming lack of life).

The entrance of the gardens is on the avenue Carlo Emanuele II (bring some coins for the parking!). The reception is a recent, cozy building: white-painted wood, glass walls … it looks like one of those rare successful lofts on glossy magazines in which minimalism is warm and elegant. The smiling staff (never predictable detail, isn’t it?) and the modest cost of the visit to the gardens (5 euro) are good premises, too.

Gardens of Venaria Reale: the Reception - photo by VC

Gardens of Venaria Reale: the Reception

Getting in, you suddenly feel yourself in what seems a strange nursery: all the plants are young, still with tutors. Shielded trunks materialize the image of the diligent gardener … struggling with rabbits!

Let’s walk along the northern side of the property, through the Potager Royal – the restoration of the XVII-XIX century lower park side: long boulevards mark the perspective axes of the garden following the original drawing, while the inner paths are modern. In a few years it will be wonderful to spend a summer afternoon under the high treillage covered with honeysuckle. For the moment, we can appreciate the nice asymmetrical design reminding once again that this is a rebuilt garden – thanks to archives and to aerial photographs.

Apart from a couple of gardeners there is nobody around: we can hear the dull crunch of our footsteps, the silvery notes of fountains in corten, the gentle lapping of the pools reminding Moorish gardens.

In the gardens of Venaria Reale it’s not the expectation of a surprise to push forward, since the gaze does not bump into any obstacle until La Mandria Park’s woods. On the contrary, it is precisely the vacuum to invite the visitor. Here, the real luxury is space.

To be continued 🙂

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Rather than writing about what I know, I prefer to write to know ... the same goes for reading. Anziché scrivere di ciò che conosco, preferisco scrivere per conoscere... lo stesso vale per la lettura.

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