Bomarzo, what else?

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Getting to the Sacro Bosco of Bomarzo has been a long way: hours spent in my little car, descending the Italian peninsula, wondering if I could arrive before the closing time. I really wanted to start my three days of holiday in Tuscia with this awkward place. Actually, the trip began much earlier. You can read about the Vicino Orsini’s unique creation in almost any garden history book. And any time I did, I couldn’t figure out the feeling I would have experienced visiting it. Would I have been overwhelmed by the extravagant sculptures? Would I have been disappointed by the maintenance status of the park? Sure enough, I knew I would have had to cope with my dangerous expectations.

This corner of Italy has been a complete surprise to me. The landscape is soaked in primitive beauty, stately oaks accompany your driving through streets getting more and more battered and narrow. The directions to the Sacro Bosco lead me to an anonymous parking paved in white gravel, similar to any other. I can’t tell how anxious I was.

My ideal garden mate Georgina Masson wisely suggests to visit it at moonlight, or when a curious fog mantles the valley while the sun lights up the hills top, because daylight, nowadays sparse forest and the map you receive at the ticket office hardly will set you in the mood for discovering any magic.

Well, I think I would have not succeeded, if I were less tired. Yes, indeed. I began feeling its atmosphere once I finished running compulsively from one sculpture to the following, once a gentle wind began to sweep dry leaves, when I sat next to the Orsini’s family emblem, relishing the warmth of the evening sun, looking up to the Temple. At last, I didn’t need to know anything but the fact that – oh my goodness! – I was really there.

The Sacro Bosco of Bomarzo is a Mannerist park built by the Duke Vicino Orsini in the second half of the Sixteenth Century on the side of a hill near his castle. Unlike the near, almost contemporary gardens of Villa d’Este, Villa Farnese at Caprarola, Villa Lante at Bagnaia, the slope is not designed by symmetrical terraces, sculptures are not meant to show rhythm, richness, vegetation is not topiated, water is not meant to emphasize the Family’s grandeur. The various elements of the park have have been designed in loco, sculpting the emerging rocks according to the personal, cultivated taste of the owner probably according to a plan suggested by Michelangelo or by the architect Pirro Ligorio.

Parco dei Mostri, località Giardino, Bomarzo (VT), Italy
Open daily from 8:30 to 19 (to the sunset from November to march)

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Rather than writing about what I know, I prefer to write to know ... the same goes for reading. Anziché scrivere di ciò che conosco, preferisco scrivere per conoscere... lo stesso vale per la lettura.

13 thoughts on “Bomarzo, what else?”

    • Grazie, vale davvero la visita. Ho letto che in origine le sculture erano colorate, e che il proprietario si dannava per trovare una soluzione affinché non scolorissero. Chissà se il parco ci piacerebbe anche in technicolor…

  1. Scorre tanto Piranesi nel nostro sangue che una versione technicolor ci lascerebbe di stucco come una festa indiana!
    Posto meraviglioso, foto bellissime, raccontato come un sogno.
    Good Job!

    • He he he, bella l’immagine di un Bomarzo-Bollywood! 😀
      Centri il punto: Piranesi docet. Per quanto possa incuriosirmi sapere come doveva essere in origine, preferisco trovarlo simile ad Angkor Wat piuttosto che con i colori del giardino esoterico di Niki de Saint Phalle…

  2. Una bella passeggiata non c’è che dire. E Bomarzo merita sicuramente una visita, grazie per la condivisione del reportage.
    Un abbraccio

  3. Un parco che ha sempre suscitato la mia curiosità ma che non ho ancora visitato. Anche perché non è così a tiro da Torino… Grazie quindi per questo report! E che bella scoperta il tuo blog!
    A presto! Flora

    • Ciao Flora!
      Bello conoscerti proprio grazie a Bomarzo, allora! Ha incuriosito a lungo anche me, e non mi ha deluso, anzi: non smetterei più di leggerne e parlarne… Ti auguro di trovare presto l’occasione di visitarlo, magari assieme ai tanti bei giardini storici della zona 🙂
      Ci vediamo presto qua o là, ciao! ;-D

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