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L’occhio verde – the green eye

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(+ English) C’era l’abbraccio del caprifoglio e della bella di notte le sere d’estate, c’erano quelle ciambelle di bosso topiato colme di iris per un mese e di sonnellini dei gatti per altri sei, c’era lo scricchiolio del calcestre che si smorzava sulle lastre d’ingresso. La vita di quel piccolo patio proseguiva nelle stanze del primo piano dove una rosa, o un mazzetto di nasturzi, soleva rallegrare la tovaglia di lino.

Cremona_ 010

Tutto questo c’è ancora, basta lanciare un’occhiata anche a sinistra, oltre il cancello.

Cremona_ 015

L’immaginazione non chiede molto, vero?

There was the embrace of honeysuckle and four o’clock flowers in the summer evenings, there were donut-shaped boxwood hosting iris for a month and cats naps for another six, there was the creaking of calcestre, fading on the stone slabs of the entry. The life of that little patio continued into the rooms at the first floor where a rose, or a bunch of nasturtiums, used to brighten the linen tablecloth.You can still find all of this, just have a look to the left, beyond the gate. Imaginaton doesn’t need that much, isn’t it?

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Rather than writing about what I know, I prefer to write to know ... the same goes for reading. Anziché scrivere di ciò che conosco, preferisco scrivere per conoscere... lo stesso vale per la lettura.

13 thoughts on “L’occhio verde – the green eye”

  1. Nuzk ha detto:

    Che luogo interessante…e la vegetazione libera di espandersi gli dà quell’alone di mistero in più 🙂

  2. Vero, sembra vittima di un incantesimo pronto a spezzarsi. Chissà se esiste un luogo speculare a questo, in cui il giardino curato si prolunga idealmente in un affresco dedicato all’esuberanza del verde spontaneo, scapigliato e ribelle…

  3. Jay ha detto:

    Oh it’s nice to look at gardens when mine’s still full of snow.

    • Nice, you say? You must be a well-balanced person… I can’t already wait for summer flowers to blooming… btw, I was planning to post something about garden movies, but now that I know your gorgeous blog… I’ll wait for you to do it! ;-D

  4. Val ha detto:

    Ma che posto incantevole! Belle parole 🙂

  5. Val ha detto:

    By the way, thanks to you, I grew determined and bought a book about flowers in the uk, so my daughter and i can identify them on the way back from school. this will help us towards creating our garden when we move to Sheffield. So thanks again 🙂

    • Ciao Val! I’m glad you’ve made such a great step, for you and your daughter. I’m not kidding… being curious about spontaneous herbs and flowers will open you an endless and amusing little world. You two could begin a herbarium together, too, feeding it over the years (by my side, since I have no kids, I’m waiting for my nephews to grow enough!).

      • Val ha detto:

        Thank you! I have just discovered I wasn’t getting a lot of comments via email so hadn’t read them, sorry about delay! Yes we are loving our intiial exploration, and a herbarium is exactly one of the first things I want, always dreamed of 🙂

        • Never mind about delay, here ;-D
          I tried many times to make a herbarium, but never succeeded. I still haven’t found an acceptable way to fix the plant to the paper sheet… maybe the best could be the De Pisis one, but it’s not that easy… let me know how you two will manage 🙂

          • Val ha detto:

            ohhh that is beautiful. Mah, so far we are excited enough with being able to name more and more of the flowers 🙂 We’ll see where it goes!

    • Yes, indeed. I didn’t expect to find anything like that, when I peeped out through the gate. It’s in a little street in Cremona, Italy.

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